Land of Snails – Stories from the Bolivian Upper Rainforest
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To my mixed little children and to my native ancestors.To my wife who tolerates my sleepless nights in front of the computer.To my parents who inculcated on me the love for reading.

And to Jaime Molina, my e-mail friend, who is the one who inspires the writing of these stories.

Huáscar I. Vega L.

I personaly dedicate this project to the Bolivian rainforest pioneer Don Guilllermo Molina Valle and to his lifetime companion Doña Hilda Escóbar Terrazas de Molina Valle, my venerated parents.I also dedicate this book to the new Bolivian generation of newly illuminated children, to my entire extended family and to the people of Chulumani, Bolivia, my birthplace. My special thanks to my son Tom Molina whose diligent and abnegated work and contributions made this book an improved reality and to my beloved grandparents who early taught me the love for my native land.

Jaime Molina Escóbar
October 27, 1996